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Join me at 11am EST! 3 minutes! ...

Singing some of my new songs live in front of the #NYC skyline in 5 minutes! Join me on Facebook Live.

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Please pray for my friend Jeremy and his team who are stuck right outside fallujah. ...

URGENT: Part of our team is stuck in the desert outside #Fallujah tonight. Our two large trucks carrying food broke down earlier. #ISIS is active in the area. There was a suicide attack this morning on the road between Baghdad and Fallujah. Tonight, there are bombs and mortar fire all around. Earlier we were told help was “on the way.” Now it’s “not coming.” It is the hardest, scariest night our team has faced in a long time. If you pray, we would welcome your prayers. If you don't, maybe #PrayAnyway? We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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