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Join us at the #WomenOfJoy 2016 Restore Tour in Pigeon Forge, TN March 18-20 or in Myrtle Beach, SC April 29-May 1. Register at womenofjoy.org. ...

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Hello friends! Many of you have asked about an accompaniment track for At The Cross. The track is now available on iTunes! We hope you enjoy! ...

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Would you please lift my dad Jim up in prayer. He has been going through chemo treatments for Leukemia since September. This week has been a hard week. Please pray for strength. Laban Ministries

Thank you

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Our friend Matthew West wrote UNTOLD for the anniversary of Roe V Wade today. It is beautiful. ...

Today is anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I was moved to write UNTOLD for the unborn. I hope you'll take a minute to watch this. IAMUNTOLD.ORG

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Hello, my Selah friends! Here's a little post to wish Miss Dolly Parton a very HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY!! She has meant so much to me in many ways throughout my life.

Her music has brought joy and comfort to many people. Do you have a favorite Dolly song or memory? My favorite song of hers is "Coat of Many Colors" with "9 to 5" a close second!

I saw her in concert a few months ago and she was beyond superb! Here was a 69 year old lady running around the stage for 2 hours (with no intermission), playing 6 or 7 instruments, singing perfectly, and brimming with life and joy! You could tell how much she loved us (her audience) and she told us how thankful she was that the public had allowed her to have such a long career.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear lady!!

This is from the original post on my wall:

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY to my sweet angel, Miss Dolly Parton!!
Thank you for being a light in this world. You have influenced me in so many ways, dear lady! You are an incomparable talent, and your kindness only enhances that.

I will never forget the privilege of working with you on your song "Once Upon a Christmas" for Selah's Christmas album. What a joy you were to work with in the studio!! When I heard your voice coming over the studio monitors as you began singing, the tears sprung to my eyes. I couldn't believe that I was recording and working with DOLLY PARTON, and that a lifelong dream of mine was coming true!

I love that we are both from East TN, and thank you for everything you've done for our folks back home! You have loved so many very well in your life, and you are well-loved in return, dear lady. May God continue to pour out His many blessings on you -- and thank you for sharing His blessings with us in so many ways.

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