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Zoe’s Birthday Present for Nanny

Hey everyone,

This actually took place 7 years ago. Check out this video of little Zoe singing The Blood from our first CD.

Again, another reason why we all do what we do!


8 Responses to “Zoe’s Birthday Present for Nanny”

  1. Gayle Ladd says:

    What a precious child!! We just sang that song yesterday in church and I immediately recognized it as one from your album. Wish I could show my church this video – praise God!!

  2. Katy Harman says:

    This is so Awesome what a Blessing.

  3. Karla Sessions says:

    Great Video–great song!!

    We are using “By and By” in our church’s Global Impact Celebration with a worship dance team. We wanted to tell the background story and also wondered if you might have an update on the work in the Congo and now it stands today.

  4. Amber says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for allowing the Lord to use you and Angie in the remarkable way you are doing. In 2001, I lost a baby at 17 weeks pregnant. I think it is no surprise that one of my favorite CD’s during that pregnancy was one of Selah’s. I listened over and over to It is Well with My Soul, Be Still My Soul…etc. and that album was one of great peace to me. Little did I know that my pregnancy would end, and that your songs would bring so much comfort to me. I find it no surprise either, that years later when I found Angie’s blog just days after Audrey’s death and a day after my friend Faith lost her 7week old son, I realized that Todd Smith (Angie’s husband), belonged to Selah. That you were part of a group that so ministered to me during such a tragic time of my life years earlier could only be the work of God’s great blessings.
    I love how God weaves together pieces of our life into a perfect tapestry! Your family has certainly been woven into mine, and though we are mere strangers actually…you are so much more to me. I thank you for letting the Lord use you and am so excited to be hearing the new CD soon!
    Blessings to you and your family on the release of the new album, and all that you are doing for God’s Kingdom!

  5. Jodie Massey says:

    One of my favorites. Love it!

  6. Mercedes says:

    Your child is adorable and if she grows to love the Lord just 1% of how much her father does she will be blessed indeed.

    Todd, you have got the most beautiful voice and I feel the Lord’s presence so close when I listen to you.

    God bless you and your family.


  7. Mercedes says:

    I forgot to ask:

    Will you ever tour or perform in the UK?


  8. Laurie Ables says:

    What a wonderful, beautiful blessing from God to have this child sing with her heart and soul for the glory of God. This was absoultly a blessing to watch. Thank you for sharing.

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