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You Deliver Me

Hey everyone,

The title track of our new CD that comes out August 25th is “You Deliver Me”.  You can hear a sample of it right now!

Here are some things you may not know about the song and how we came about recording it.

What you may not know is that it was written by a couple of college classmates of mine and Allan’s from Belmont University. One of them, Mike Post, was Allan’s roommate. You also may not know that we heard the song about 6 years ago. Sometimes you hear a song and the timing just isn’t right for the current CD you are recording. Sometimes you listen and it doesn’t really strike you. You put it away for a while and come back to it and it sounds completely different. That was the case for me and “You Deliver Me”. It didn’t grab me.

Three years ago, when we were looking for new material Allan and Brian Stewart (A&R at Curb) brought it out again.  We were on the bus and I said, “It just doesn’t move me.” Allan, Amy, Brian and Jason (our co-producer) said they thought it was incredible!

I hadn’t listened to it in about a year and decided with that many positive opinions I needed to give it another chance. Allan and Jason had just produced a new demo of the song so I put the earphones on and immediately got goose bumps. I knew instantly (it only took 3 years) that it was such a powerful song! Funny how you can feel so strongly about a song and then change your mind when you hear it again. Kind of like a first impression of someone that’s really bad and then you see that person in a different situation and realize your assumptions were completely wrong.

We didn’t tell Mike we were recording it until it was completely finished. Allan called Mike up and asked if he would come over to listen to a couple of the songs and give his critique. We all sat in Allan’s living room and played one of the hymns first and then went right into “You Deliver Me”. It was so fun seeing the look on Mike’s face…”I know this song, this sounds so familiar.” Then it finally hit him that it was his song! After some tears and some big smiles we all laughed. It was awesome to be there!  Here were 4 guys (Mike, Allan, Jason, and I) from college all sharing in the recording process! It was a great moment!

I think it is such an inspirational song and when Amy comes in during the second half I get chills!

We hope you love it as much as we do!


9 Responses to “You Deliver Me”

  1. Doreen Belleville says:

    Hi Todd,It must be so exciting to have completed a new CD.As I read through your blog you mentioned listening to new material. Last year I gave a poem I wrote called “Don’t Let Me Fade Your Glory” to my niece Nicole so she could put it to music.I was thrilled with the results.Your group was the one she mentioned that she felt would connect with this song.We’re not sure what to do with it. I believe the Poem was totally inspired by God and I believe Nicole did a remarkable job putting music with it. When I played it for our church secretary tears were streaming down her face. It seems to touch people on many different levels.If you are at all interested in hearing it please let me know and I will send you a copy. Thank you for your consideration and we’ll Press On In Jesus Name.Blessings to you and the Selah family. Doreen Belleville

  2. Twyla Tenney says:

    Hi Todd, I’ve been listening to the new CD over and over since I got it and think it’s just the best I’ve heard in a long time. I just don’t know which is my favorite because all of them minister to me and I feel the Holy Spirit so strong every time I play it. You Deliver Me is awesome and you guys are all amazing and I know He is using you in a mighty way for His kingdom!

  3. Jeannine Grant says:

    HI Todd I heard you talking on our christain radio today. You were talking about the song I will carry you . You had said that you were coming out with a son version of the song on I Tunes I was wondering If you knew when it would be on there. My 16 yr old daughter had identical Twin boys in march and one passed away the day after mother’s day . I would love to have a copy of this song for my daughter. Jeannine

  4. Dusten Ridings says:

    My wife has been following your wife’s blog for about a year now and we have been singing your music in church since we have been married (6 years now) and have been so deeply moved and blessed by the encouragement in this awesome ministry that God has blessed you with. This song has moved in our lives and continues to reach deep into our souls. We hope some day to see you when you come to California to meet you guys. Just know that all the hard work you put into this music is touching lives you may not even know. Peace be with Selah and may the Lord continue to bless.

  5. LB says:

    You’ve no idea how this song has literally impacted me, even today! I’d heard it recently & thought it was great in my situation, how God delivers us on the road of life, etc. But I’ve just been given a whole new meaning to the line “When I feel like I can’t go on, You deliver me”. This past year, the sister of a good friend of mine took her own life. In a nutshell, I’ve had many questions this year & have been so depressed by it all, at times questioning God’s will. He’s given us a few things that would give us hope in all this, & today, I honestly believe He’s used your song to show me He was being merciful to her by delivering her from the struggles of this life. Praise the Lord! Thank you for waiting til now to record it, you were right in holding off, it’s certainly come at the right time for me! God bless you all, I’ll keep praying your music & lives continue to inspire us & glorify Him!

  6. Karen Long says:

    Hi Todd,
    The craziest thing happened yesterday. I was in Family Christian Store in Huntsville… I was looking for an accompaniment track… I found what I was looking for almost immediately, listened to it and headed to the check out counter… as I was walking up there and browsing a little, I just stood still as I listened… I had no idea what the song was or who was singing, but I knew I needed that CD!!! I walked up to the guy at the counter and said, “Who’s singing that song?” He said he had no idea because they don’t play their own CD’s anymore, corporate sends them what they are to play for the day. I thought “SHOOT! I have no idea who it was or how to get it.” and then a voice said something like, “that was Selah with their new CD, You Deliver Me”. I said, “Thank you Jesus!!” I went back and searched through all your CD’s until I found it! Come to find out, it was on the New Releases wall that I had just left from! I’ll be looking for the accompaniment for it so a friend of mine and I can sing it at church soon!! I just had to share that with y’all… keep up the great work!

  7. Tina says:

    I heard this song for the first time about a month ago. I was listening to a radio station in another city that we can’t get at our house. This song is so powerful–I literally pulled over and stopped to listen. I’ve heard it again and again now and it still gives me goosebumps every single time I listen. Your group is so very blessed and you give such a powerful message through your songs. May God continue to pour out his blessings!

  8. Elaine says:

    We sing “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us” at church often, and every time I hear it I am always reminded of how blessed I am each and every day. I was sharing this with my daughter, and I told her that if she found it on a CD to buy it for me. She bought me the CD “You Deliver Me.” Oh, my, how I love every single song on it. These songs are wonderful! They help me deal with the stresses of life, and make me realize that God is totally in control. He is always with us no matter what, and He will never leave us. Thank you so much, and may God keep blessing you with your messages in song.

  9. Margie Dickerson says:

    I love this song so much. Every time I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes. Believe me when I say He has delivered me from some stuff in my life time.

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