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Todd sent this email to our Label and Management yesterday and I asked him if we could share it with all you – AmyI think this song is really going to be special. I think it’s going to be healing for a lot of people.

Maybe you (I think we all do) have wounds and scars that are still so raw, still unanswered. Be thinking of them and be brave enough to go there and stay awhile. Talk to God about them. Remember that Jesus will make everything right one day.

I don’t know why He let my daughter die, but I trust Him. It doesn’t make sense. He will wipe away all our tears. He will redeem it. If you get a chance to read angie’s blog tonight (Click Here to read Angie’s Blog) please do. I’m always amazed at what God puts on her heart.

Please be praying for angie’s readers. That people will come to Christ. That people who are bitter or so hurt will be drawn back to God and a relationship with Jesus.

This is why we all do what we do. Sure it’s our jobs and we love being in music for the sake of music, but it’s so much more than that. From Amy singing her heart out, to Bernie putting in hours and hours. From Brian finding great songs, to John getting songs on radio, to Benson getting CD’s in stores. David booking concerts, brian and emily sharing our story, Nick and management coming up with new ideas, Tony, Chad, and Brian sitting down and writing a song that’s personal to them.

It’s to share with these precious people and renew their faith and hope. To remind them that there is a God who knows their name, who celebrates with them through every triumph and walks with them through every tribulation (especially everything in life that doesn’t make sense).

Jesus is worth believing and giving our lives to because we don’t have all the answers.

What an amazing job we all have. We are a part of making an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you all again!


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