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Town Hall Presidential Debate

The Tuesday (1 week) before the debate (October 9th) I got a call from The Gallop Poll. I thought it was a survey about who I liked, or the economy.

When I picked up the phone the poller asked, “May I speak to the youngest male in the house please?” “I’m the only male in the house.” He proceeded to ask, are you registered, do you plan on voting, who will you vote for, will you most definitely vote for him or would you possibly vote for the other, are you affiliated with any party or news organization, what is your age, race?

Meanwhile, I had just put on the bath water for my girls and was wondering, “Why are you asking so many questions? Just get on with the survey so I can give my girls a bath!”

Then he said, “If you are available we would like you to take part in the Presidential Debate. I kept calm in my response but inside I was like ARE YOU KIDDING, WOULD I WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my table. This is Table 1 of 10 tables. I was voter #10 (center green shirt). The lady to
my left Wilhelmina (Will hell meena) was voter # 1. That means she was the first person to accept Gallop’s invitation to the Debate. I was the 10th person to accept.

There were 100 voters total. 80 would be on stage and 20 would be alternates. The 80 were the first 80 people to answer their phones, pass the question survey, and accept the invitation.

Janet Brown (at the podium) is President of the Debate Committee on Presidential Debates. Her team organizes all 3 Pres. and the Vice Pres. debates. During the years in between debates the staff consists of her and one other person. She was very nice.

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