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Haiti Benefit with Point of Grace & Mark Shultz

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to sing at a benefit concert for Haiti.  The concert was held at Brentwood United Methodist Church.  It was part of the Point of Grace/Mark Schultz Spring tour.  They have been touring since last fall, and when the earthquake occurred they wanted to do something.  They organized this concert and invited us to be a part of it.

Mark, Todd, Larry, Amy

Selah & Michael

Some of the other artists taking part were Ginny Owens and Larry Stewart of Restless Heart.  On a side note Ginny, Allan, and I went to college together.  We used to write songs together.  Fortunately, Ginny struck out on her own and writes amazing songs by herself.

POG & LarryMark & Ginny

Allan was sick so Amy and I sang to tracks.  We sang Unredeemed and Michael Passons, formerly of Avalon, joined us to sing Allan’s part on You Raise Me Up. I brought my daughters Ellie and Abby along. They were angels the whole night.

Ellie & AbbyThe money raised went to benefit UMCOR.  The United Methodist Churches relief division.  They have a section devoted to Haiti. We did two concerts and the people were amazing. They donated over $50,000!

Thank you Point of Grace and Mark Shultz.  Thank you Brentwood United Methodist Church, and a special thanks to all the wonderful people who gave from their hearts… Todd

One Response to “Haiti Benefit with Point of Grace & Mark Shultz”

  1. Steve Maloney says:

    Hi Todd,

    I just wanted to thank you for an amazing night in Binghamton. As we talked with you and your wife after the concert, we were so blessed to be there tonight with our friends. It was such a special night. We share the pain of losing a baby, and your examples encourage us so much.

    As my wife Amy was crying during “I will carry you”, I realized how special it really was. We missed your Auburn, NY concert, but this was definitely worth the wait.

    God Bless, and we hope we can see you guys again. Keep up the great work!

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