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El Salvador Day 3: Can you say Sombrero & Oxen ride!

This is on the light side.  We went to Compassion Project 866 at Springs of Eternal Life Church in San Miguel, El Salvador.  We had the most warm incredible welcome I have ever been a part of.  I will post in more detail later when we come home to the states.  All that to say CLICK HERE to see some big American boys whose Sombrero’s just don’t fit, and Selah riding in a cart pulled by oxen!


3 Responses to “El Salvador Day 3: Can you say Sombrero & Oxen ride!”

  1. Jeanie Kostun says:

    SIGH. I just goofed. LOL I sent a message to Allan that was meant for you. What can I say? I’m not a computer geek…..just a geek! HAH! Anyway, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with your blog subject either. I just wanted you to know that I was just made aware tonight while I was YouTube’ing Selah that you lost not only your daughter recently, but also your nephew. I am praying for you…..and prayer never ceases! Please accept the condolences of my family. Your music and your voice have touched my life in such wonderful ways!

  2. Jeanie Kostun says:

    Alright. I just read the article about the loss of your daughter. I am not only humbled, but shocked! As I was reading what you and your wife went through, it was like reading my own story! My husband and I were told at 23 wks. gestation that our baby had Trisomy 18 and would was not considered “viable”. After many, many tears and prayers, we were determined to let God handle it all. I remember singing “I Surrender All” ALOT during that time. We were given the option to terminate as well. Our choices were the same and we put our faith in Him. We were very blessed though, because our son was born without Trisomy 18. He was born 1 lb. 9 oz. and 12 in. long. Brockton is now 5 1/2 yrs. old, and although he does have a very rare growth disorder, he is doing very well. I only wish the outcome had been the same for you and your family. I don’t know why we were so blessed but I am so thankful! I came to see Selah soon after Brockton was born….and I cried like a baby throughout the entire concert. Yup…that was me doing the ugly cry in the 5th row in Bradford, NY. HAH! Thank you for your faith, your ministry and your voice. I’ll bet you can’t wait to see your baby girl again someday!

  3. The Traveling Tambourine says:

    I have two “Reach Out” Concert dates.
    The 14th I am singing for the homeless at our City Mission and on the 30th I will be performing at my local mall. That will be my first public concert. I will be singing “Beautiful,Merciful Savior” at the mall and two of Aaron’s songs. I will be singing for an hour,so I have a lot to prepare for! God at work…again. So glad to have met you all in Pittsburgh!

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