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You Deliver Me

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  1. Into My Heart/Fairest Lord Jesus
  2. How Deep the Father's Love For Us
  3. You Deliver Me
  4. Hosanna
  5. Standing on the Promises (Medley)
  6. The Lord's Prayer (Deliver Us)
  7. Beautiful Terrible Cross
  8. Unredeemed
  9. My Jesus I Love Thee
  10. I Have Decided
  11. Glory To His Name
  12. Depth of Mercy
  13. I Surrender All
  14. God Be With You
  15. I Will Carry You (Audrey's Song)- Bonus Track

The sound of this album is a deliberate throwback to our very first album, “Be Still My Soul,” meaning it is nearly all piano, strings, and vocals. There are a number of classic hymns included, as well as some beautiful new songs. Three of the songs are full band, including the title track, “Hosanna,” and a stellar¬†new song called “Unredeemed.”¬† This is without a doubt our most personal CD to date, and we pray that these songs will give you comfort and encouragement in your time of need.