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  1. Run
  2. Lukewarm
  3. Alive
  4. Turn To You
  5. So Much Greater
  6. Sad Song
  7. Outside
  8. Dear Leopold
  9. Our Love Will Survive
  10. Sweet Jesus

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So Much Greater (Track #5)

You won't find freedom living in the rules
Walking around in dead man's bones
You lead the choir but are you singing to yourself

Feel the fire in your heart
It's all inside you
Feel the mercy in your soul
It will lead to
A life that's so much greater
Step outside yourself
A life that's so much greater

You're quick to judge the world
When something's wrong
But there's no justice in your life
You lay the blame but will you lay it on the line

It's all inside you
It will lead you to
Step outside yourself