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  1. Run
  2. Lukewarm
  3. Alive
  4. Turn To You
  5. So Much Greater
  6. Sad Song
  7. Outside
  8. Dear Leopold
  9. Our Love Will Survive
  10. Sweet Jesus

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Turn To You (Track #4)

When I'm far away from home
And the cold wind starts to blow
When I'm empty and alone
I turn to You

When there's hardness in my heart
And I cannot see the truth
And I'm wandering in the dark
I turn to You

And here in Your holy presence
It's all that I can do

I turn to you Jesus
I turn to you Lord

For the youth when I am old
For the strength when I am weak
For the warmth when I am cold
I turn to You

For the faith to move ahead
And to let go of the past
And to see me as You do
I turn to You Jesus

For You alone are worthy
The One and only God
The Ruler of the nations
And Father of my heart

When I'm weak I will follow
In Your arms I will stay
Will You lead me
Only You can save