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  1. Run
  2. Lukewarm
  3. Alive
  4. Turn To You
  5. So Much Greater
  6. Sad Song
  7. Outside
  8. Dear Leopold
  9. Our Love Will Survive
  10. Sweet Jesus

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Lukewarm (Track #2)

You follow the same routine
And hide in the cracks between
You push away everything close
And wonder why your all alone

The sliding door goes back and forth

Now you've got to make up your mind
Your so lukewarm
Everyday you straddle the line
It's time
You'll never know love at all
Until you're willing to risk it all
Lukewarm lukewarm

It's easy to play it safe
When everything's lost its taste
Afraid that you might get hurt
You don't take a chance in this world

Conversations getting cold

Now's your chance so just let go