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  1. Run
  2. Lukewarm
  3. Alive
  4. Turn To You
  5. So Much Greater
  6. Sad Song
  7. Outside
  8. Dear Leopold
  9. Our Love Will Survive
  10. Sweet Jesus

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Run (Track #1)

How good it feels
To walk with You on such a summer day
Feels like we've never been apart
How good it feels
To know that You have found another way to my heart

How could I know
The sense that I belong to Someone who
Always wants the very best for me
How could I know
The freedom of living life if not for You

Just when I'm safe and I'm where I need to be
A beautiful distraction if calling out to me

And I run far away from home
To the only place where loneliness begins
And holiness ends
And I run I can't see Your open arms
Reaching out to me and pulling me in
Oh what have I done how could I have come
So far from home

How could it be
I find myself inside this empty room
Feeling so cold and so alone
How could it be
I've ended up within these four walls on my own

Now all it takes to be with You is a change of heart
No sooner is it said than it is done
And all it takes is letting go
And learning how to say I was wrong

You come to me and You fill me up inside
And I have no doubt that I need You more than life

And I run all the way back home
To the only place where holiness begins
And loneliness ends
And I run right into your open arms
Reaching out to me and pulling me in
And I feel so close I won't let go

I wanna give to you my everything So I run
I want my life to begin again So I run
Don't wanna waste another single day