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There’s A Light

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  1. There's A Light
  2. Jesus Is
  3. I Sing The Mighty Power of Jesus
  4. Song of Solomon
  5. Be Still
  6. Right Where I Belong
  7. Dmitri's Song
  8. What Are We Living For
  9. Revive Us
  10. We Will Rise
  11. Calling All Fathers

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Calling All Fathers (Track #11)

Where are the leaders?
Where are the teachers?
Where are the keepers
Of every home?

There’s an emergency
Greater than any other
Where are the ones who
Fight for their own?

Calling all fathers
Run to your children
We’ve fallen asleep and
Darkness has come
We will find strength in
The name of Jesus
Calling all fathers
Wake up

Evil is waiting
Outside our windows
Slowly but surely
It’s creeping in
Take up your sword now
And just like a soldier
Take back what’s been stolen
And fight like a man

Our sons need to know
We see the man deep inside of them
Our daughters need to know
That they’re adored
Our wives want to be known
And that we’ll be men of our word
And if we fall down, we’ll get back up
Yes, when we fall down, we get back up

We are the leaders
We are the teachers
We are the keepers
Of our homes

There’s an emergency
Greater than any other
Let us be the ones who
Fight for our own