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There’s A Light

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  1. There's A Light
  2. Jesus Is
  3. I Sing The Mighty Power of Jesus
  4. Song of Solomon
  5. Be Still
  6. Right Where I Belong
  7. Dmitri's Song
  8. What Are We Living For
  9. Revive Us
  10. We Will Rise
  11. Calling All Fathers

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We Will Rise (Track #10)

We are Your people
Called by Your name
Humbly we bow down
Seeking Your face
Praying, “forgive us”
We’ve wandered far
We ask for mercy
Awaken our hearts

We will rise
We will rise
The saints of God
The Bride of Christ
Bought with the blood
Moving as one
Filled with Your light
So whatever powers of darkness rage
We stand on the Rock that will not shake
Let it be heard
We are Your church
And we will rise

Pour out Your Spirit
Guard us with truth
Make us courageous
In all that we do
Fill us with power
‘Til we’re unafraid
To go where You lead us
Declaring Your glory, Your honor, Your fame

Through every page of history
You always been, You’ll always be
The only one deserving to
Be crowned the King of Kings

From the ashes
From the darkness
From the chains that have bound us all
Lift your head up
All you weary
We will rise, we will rise