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There’s A Light

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  1. There's A Light
  2. Jesus Is
  3. I Sing The Mighty Power of Jesus
  4. Song of Solomon
  5. Be Still
  6. Right Where I Belong
  7. Dmitri's Song
  8. What Are We Living For
  9. Revive Us
  10. We Will Rise
  11. Calling All Fathers

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Dmitri's Song (Track #7)

My name is Dmitri,
I was born a Russian man
I was a factory worker until
nineteen sixty and I
Started teaching the Bible
to my two little boys
And that’s when the journey began

Well our house became a church
And the Sunday School grew
Had a hundred and fifty before we knew it
But the KGB didn’t want God around
Seventeen years they locked me up
a thousand miles away

This is my heart song
And I will stand and sing
For I am a son of the living King
So when the fire comes
I’ll be rejoicing
Yeah, even when I suffer I’ll be singing
Oooooh Jesus is alive
Oooooh Jesus is alive

Despite fifteen hundred prisoners
Criminal to the core
Who’d laugh and curse
And bang their cups and try to drown me out
Like clockwork every morning
With the rising of the sun
I’d stand and raise my hands
And sing my heart song up to God

Believers stand for what you believe
Faint not in adversity
If you are cursed for Jesus’ name
Don’t give up
No, don’t give up

Well they tried to break me
But I wouldn’t give in
And as they came to drag me out
For my execution
I heard a choir of angels
Yeah, murderers and thieves
Those fifteen hundred criminals
Had risen up for me
The raised their hands and sang the song
My father taught me
The sweetest sound I ever heard
Yeah, I heard freedom ring
Oh, let it ring