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The Insanity of God

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  1. Dmitri's Song (Jesus Is Alive)
  2. We Must Not
  3. You're The Water, You're The Shore
  4. Until Your Will Is Done
  5. More Than Moved
  6. Be (My Heart, My Hands, My Voice)
  7. Bika Mono Ve (Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior)/It Is Well With My Soul

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Until Your Will Is Done (Track #4)

Why do I fear, the plans I can’t see
Why do I run, afraid of defeat
When the maker of earth, and the maker of me
Holds me in His hands, comforts me and then
Gives me strength to stand

There’s nothing left for us to fear
The battle has been won
So use me Lord until your will is done
Until your will is done

Well the strong have their strength
And the proud have their pride
And the world has it’s way
Like a thief in the night

But the humble have faith
As they march through the fight
Where the weak will be raised up
Trusting in the one who has overcome

Why should I worry, why be afraid
why do I doubt the son of man
when he has been faithful time and again