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The Insanity of God

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  1. Dmitri's Song (Jesus Is Alive)
  2. We Must Not
  3. You're The Water, You're The Shore
  4. Until Your Will Is Done
  5. More Than Moved
  6. Be (My Heart, My Hands, My Voice)
  7. Bika Mono Ve (Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior)/It Is Well With My Soul

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You're The Water, You're The Shore (Track #3)

There’s a sea of hungry people
Who have never heard the truth of Jesus
He has called us to go so everyone would know
What are we waiting for, oh God you’ve given us
Power in the spirit let us be your witnesses

When the oceans do deep for the anchor to fall
And the darkness surrounds me in the storm
You bring peace in the raging sea,
Or when it’s solid ground I’m standing on
Cause you’re the water, you’re the shore

In the face of every trail,
When the road ahead seems unbearable
Help me not despair, for you are always there
And in you all things are possible
So I’ll take the gospel where ever you lead

I’m not married to this life
I wanna be free of all things that try to steal my mind
Father your will, not mine