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Hope of the Broken World

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  1. On The Mountain
  2. Hope of the Broken World
  3. Shelter Me
  4. Coat of Many Colors
  5. He'll Hold You
  6. Be Still
  7. Moments Like These
  8. I Turn to You
  9. Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
  10. Threshold of Glory
  11. I Look To You
  12. When Love Was Slain

We are SO excited about this new project!! We’re always excited to deliver new music to you, but this album in particular was so enjoyable and exciting to make. We hope you all can hear the passion we put into it!

One of the things that sets this album apart from our other projects is the inclusion of mostly original songs. Todd and Amy both have songwriting credits on this album, and there are three compositions by a new favorite writer of ours, Jennie Lee Riddle. Speaking of Jennie Lee, the first single from the album is written by her and a friend of hers named Carl Cartee: “Hope of the Broken World”. It is the title track of the album and the message is a powerful one, and seems to really be fitting in these unsettling times we’re living through. There are so many natural disasters, uprisings in the Middle East, economic uncertainty, and a host of other ills and evils occurring in our world. It seems as if the Earth itself is groaning and crying out for our Lord’s return.