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Hiding Place

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  1. You Raise Me Up
  2. Part the Waters/ I Need Thee Every Hour
  3. I Bless Your Name
  4. Esengo
  5. All My Praise
  6. Power In The Blood
  7. Hiding Place
  8. Through It All
  9. By And By
  10. Deep, Deep Love
  11. All Of Me
  12. Before The Throne of God

“Hiding Place” was our third release and a breakout album for us. It contains the song You Raise Me Up which has been our signature song ever since. ¬†Interestingly, You Raise Me Up and All My Praise were the last two songs to go on the CD, and both almost didn’t make it. We had recorded a version of You Raise Me Up earlier which Josh Groban’s label heard. They had him record it and immediately put his version out to radio. We were concerned people would think we copied him so we chose not to put You Raise Me Up on the CD. One of our label executives asked us to put it on anyways. I’m glad we listened. On another occasion we had tracked 5 songs and had about an hour to record one more song. We were tired but I told Nicol and Allan I wanted to record All My Praise and see how it sounded. We have sung it at every concert since. “Hiding Place” is a melodic mixture with Power in the Blood, Through It All, Part The Waters, and Esengo, creating a moving and powerful compilation of songs.