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What a typical day on the road is like…

On Friday (9/25) night at midnight we departed Nashville for Mobile, AL.  We had 12 people on the bus!  Jeremi, Amy, Janna, and Greg of Avalon, along with the Long’s two beautiful daughters and nanny.  Our road managers are Todd Schilling and Kevin Stevens and last of all Allan, Amy, and I.  WOW!!

We arrived in Mobile and everyone woke up around 9 am.  Allan, Amy, and I checked into the hotel, and Amy said, “let’s go work out!”  So we did.  It was awesome.  Then I felt free to eat all the donuts I wanted.

We had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant with our manager Nick, and then left the hotel for sound check around 2:45.

Since Avalon is second in the first half of the concert they sound check first.  You do this so that the first group to go on is the last one to sound check.  This way you make sure their sound levels all stay the same.

It was a 7 PM concert so around 4:30 we had dinner, and then it was time to get dressed and take care of last minute details.

We’ve known Avalon for so long and have done several shows together before, so we knew we were going to have fun.  We get along great.


We wanted to make sure the audience understood that we all get along and that this tour is a team effort so we come out at the beginning of the show and sing a number together.  Then we do about 30 minutes, Avalon does about 30 minutes, and then we share about World Vision and go into Intermission.

After intermission Avalon comes out for 25 minutes and then we do the same.  We have been fortunate that so far all the shows have been sold out.  The crowds have brought us out for an encore each time, and we saved our two best songs for the encore.  It’s a great moment.  Hint, if you come to see us make sure you scream LOUD after Selah does our last song of our second set.  This will ensure an encore and put a smile on my face and help my ego!

After we sing we sign and get to meet people.  One of my favorite parts of the show!  After the last person is gone we get back into our pajamas and get on the bus.  Hang out with each other and talk about the day, and then get in our bunks and go to the next city.

Our shows so far have been incredible.  We had 61 kids sponsored for World Vision.  Thank you to Orchard Baptist in Mobile and Valley View Baptist in Tuscaloosa for all your work and generosity.  Thank you to everyone who came, and a special thanks to all of you who have changed 61 lives.

Hope to see you out there!

Todd Smith

9 Responses to “What a typical day on the road is like…”

  1. Richard says:

    The concert in Tuscaloosa was great! I have been listening to your music for years, and I cannot tell you how much it has blessed me, as a worship aid, or just to feel uplifted in my spirit. God has anointed your ministry in a mighty way. Todd, I was saddened to hear about the loss of Audrey and about Nicol’s son. I can’t really express the feeling in words. Amy, thanks for your testimony about meeting your husband. You dont know how similar those stories are to mine and my wife’s! God is good! Allan, what a gifted ability you have with the piano!

  2. Pebi Elliott says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Sela/Avalon concert at the venue in Northewest Arkansas at First Baptist in B’ville on October 8th. Our two oldest boys and I saw Selah here a few years ago. Our family are huge fans of Selah. Your misic has filled this house and has us called to moments of sweet fellowship with each of us dancing through the house and singing as loud as we can, and with four boys..that can be loud!!! Thank you for the passion and love that comes through each song. If I may add our boys love the congolese songs. So we were VERY happy to hear “I have decided” on the latest release. Deliver Me has proved to fill our house once again with worship overflowing. If you are reading this and have not seen a Selah or Avalon in concert…I challenge you to come and see and hear What the Lord is doing with these amazing vioces and for World Vision. I can assure you that you will leave being filled with joy overflowing for the Love of God is truly shown.

    ps. We will be sure to scream LOUD after the last song on the second set.
    ~ Pebi Elliott

  3. Hey, y’all, We surely enjoyed having you at Orchard Baptist on Saturday. My kitchen crew is the best! Glad you liked the gumbo and the turkey (it really was turkey, not chicken!) We enjoyed having you visit with us and y’all felt like part of the family before you left for Tuscaloosa. It was great to see you all perform with Avalon and to meet some of Greg’s family too. Thank you for touching your hearts. I hope we touched yours as well.

  4. Paul Fabrie says:

    Just started going to River of Life in Riverview, FL. Wish my wife and I could come on the 24th. we are having a revival at her dad’s church in Ft. Myers. you guys are awesome and very blessed. My wife and I are going to attempt to sing You Deliver Me in a few weeks. We love that song. Thanks and God Bless all of you.

  5. Maria Swartos says:

    I am so excited to see you in Minnesota on November 9th. I have been waiting for you to come back to a driveable distance in Minnesota for some time! You words and arrangement of music speak to so many. Each time I sit down and play or sing one of your songs, I truly feel God’s Holy Spirit moving! Your gifts of music are truly a gift to me and so many others that I have shared your music with. Words cannot express how exicted I am to finally hear you in concert. God continues to speak through each of your songs each time I listen to your music!

  6. Jonathan Mugunga says:

    It was a wonderful evening of praise and worship with you guys.
    I was also blessed to have time to talk to you, hope you still remember me Todd !I am the young man from Rwanda you talk to at Mountain Christian Church.(MD) I will be glad to get your direct contact. Actually, I can’t imagine how I forgot to ask for, when you were here. Here’s my e-mail:

  7. spring says:

    Was wondering if you could help. I have a group of 5th & 6th graders working on your song “Once upon a Christmas” I was told I could get it in a split track. My source was wrong!!! Now I have a group of great kids ready to sing -but no music!” Is there anywhere I can get the accompaniament track for this song? Thanks for listening!

  8. Carla says:

    I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I have enjoyed your latest cd. I waited anxiously for it to be released and then enjoyed it so much I bought 2 more for Christmas gifts. I love singing along to all the hymns that I grew up singing. It has made for many awkward stop light moments.
    Audreys song makes me cry everytime I hear it. 9 years ago we had a “not compatable with life” diagnosis in our unborn son. We decided to forge into what seemed like uncharted territory and carry him as long as God kept his heart beating. He was born at 33 weeks and lived in our arms for an hour. Thankyou for giving us moms a voice and a song. God Bless you all.

  9. I can’t believe this!! Awesome suggestions. This is quite a help at really the correct time. Many thanks for sharing this here !

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