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We’re Gonna Get There One Day!

You would probably best recognize Christa Wells’ writing from “Held”, which Natalie Grant recorded. It was a song that Christa wrote about a close friend who had lost a child. When my wife Angie and I found out we were going to lose our 4th daughter Audrey to kidney failure, we asked Christa to write a song for the memorial service. Angie wanted the song to be about all the things that Angie would never get to experience as a mom with Audrey. Christa wrote “I Will Carry You” with us and it was a beautiful tribute to Audrey.

Awhile later, Christa was working on her own solo project Frame The Clouds, and asked if I would sing on a song called “On The Mountain” with her. I procrastinated and didn’t start listening to the song until the day I was driving to record it on her CD. I never told you that Christa! As soon as I heard the demo I was blown away. It was so catchy and fun, and sounded like a modern spiritual. Three years later, I picked up the phone, called Christa and asked if Selah could record it as well. Here is Selah’s version of “On The Mountain.”


2 Responses to “We’re Gonna Get There One Day!”

  1. Beck Gambill says:

    I listened to this song (and the other ones on this blog) this morning while I played with my daughter. So encouraging! Thank you for you beautiful ministry.

  2. Heidi says:

    This song has a great tune/melody line. Love it!

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