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This world is not my home…

I met Jennie Lee Riddle for the first time in a coffee shop in Nashville, TN, while she was in town writing songs. She told me she knew I loved old hymns and had a new song that sounded like an old, beautiful Appalachian ballad. She sang just a verse and chorus for me in that coffee shop, and I knew immediately we had to record it!

Here are a few of her thoughts on the song:

“While standing in my kitchen, the sound of my co-writer’s voice singing the words “This World Is Not My Home” met my ears and her melody washed over me from our living room. I knew immediately that she was mourning with goodbyes to her lifetime family and friends and lifting up her recent move as an offering to the Lord. I was honored to be asked to help finish this song by writing the chorus. As I considered how to add to what was already so beautifully inspired, it seemed so right to acknowledge that the life we live in this world is no longer bound to our flesh as we have been ransomed from this old body of sin. Soon, we will see our glorious Jesus face to face and be like Him. Soon, Lord, soon!”

Here’s a fun trivia fact: this is the first song we’ve ever recorded that has a banjo on it! This is as close to country as I’ll ever get Todd and Amy to be! LOL!!

– Allan

2 Responses to “This world is not my home…”

  1. Nancy Smith says:

    Love it, Allan. Love, love, love the whole CD. We just keep playing it over and over. It’s moving, beautiful, powerful, and fun!!! Love you guys.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Allan, It IS just like an old Appalachian hymn……….and it is BEAUTIFUL!

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