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Spend a Day with Selah In the Studio!

That’s right, you and three friends can spend the day with Selah in the studio while they are recording their upcoming 2011 project! Hang out with Allan, Amy, and Todd and see how the recording process takes place. You will get to spend the day at Arcade studios in beautiful Kingston Springs, as well as being treated to lunch by Selah.

How do you get to be a part of this special day? Take part in the auction Saturday, September 11 at 10 AM to benefit Porter’s Call, a ministry that ministers to Christian musicians in Nashville. Selah has been involved with Porter’s call for many years, and believes in the work they do as they minister to musicians through counseling services, marriage retreats, and small group sessions, to build the Christian artist community in Nashville.

Click here to bid. This link will take you to ebay and directly to our auction where you can bid. If you are the highest bidder you will win a day with Selah while they record their new project! 

You will need to provide your own transportation and lodging to Nashville.

We look forward to meeting you and spending the day with you.

Allan, Amy, and Todd

2 Responses to “Spend a Day with Selah In the Studio!”

  1. ramele says:

    hello Guys..
    I was wondering if its too late to join you all in the studio? I am so sad I didnt hear of this earlier. I would love to hear you guys sing in the studio. Plus it like a huge dream of mine to see the studio world

  2. carrie lynne says:

    yikes! i am sooo upset! i have been begging God to let me be a fly on the wall during your studio/recording sessions! here is the opportunity i have been begging God for… AND I MISSED IT!!! the fly-swatter of life has struck again… 🙁

    God bless you guys, miss you/concerts so much! be assured – in my perfectly imperfect being- i remain even stronger, a grateful fan of Jesus Christ, my Gentle Healer and i remain your #1 Selah fan!

    with all my love, prayers & support- carrie lynne of Springfield/New England

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