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On the road again…

Selah - Promo Photo

You know you’re humming Willie Nelson right now because of the title of this blog!!! This is the first ever Selah blog for our new website and I’m so excited to get to write it. The boys and I are so excited to be able to share things with you all like we never have before and we’re very excited about being on the road again. We’ve had some time off, I’m sure most of our fans know the season that Todd and Angie (his wife) have been through this year, as well as Nicol and Greg (her husband) with the loss of their beautiful, precious babies, and God has been so good through all of it. We all thank you so much for your prayer and support. If you haven’t had a chance you should really take some time to read Angie and Greg’s blogs; for Todd and Angie’s precious Audrey Caroline, and for Nicol and Greg’s precious Gregory Luke. God has just given them beautiful insight into His heart throughout their difficult time.

Todd, Allan and I have enjoyed the rest and time with our families, and now we’re ready to begin ministering again. October is going to be busy for us. Not only do we have 8 shows this month, but we’re trying to squeeze in some recording time and a photo shoot! October is going to be busy, and great. We’re really looking forward to the work and getting back into a routine again.

Our album is almost finished. It was finished, however, the record label came to us and asked us to consider adding one more song for radio purposes, so we’ve been searching and pouring over songs for about 2 weeks now trying to hunt down the perfect Selah song. I think we have a good top 3. I’m really excited that one of the songs we’re seriously considering in our top 3 was written by Allan, and one of the others was written by Todd. Those guys are way to humble to ever toot their own horn about their writing skills, so I’ll toot the horn for them!

Welcome to our new website and welcome to our new blog.


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