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Introducing “Hope of the Broken World”

Hello, everyone! We wanted to take a few moments and let you guys know that our new album “Hope of the Broken World” will be releasing in just a couple of months on August 23rd! We are SO excited about this new project!! We’re always excited to deliver new music to you, but this album in particular was so enjoyable and exciting to make. We hope you all can hear the passion we put into it! Over the next two months, we will be featuring a song or two per week so you guys can get a good sampling of the album. We also plan to post a few videos we’ve been making for the new project. In fact, we have a new YouTube channel called “The Selah Videos” where you can view all things Selah from the new album. You will find videos like this one featuring Hope of the Broken World: CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

One of the things that sets this album apart from our other projects is the inclusion of mostly original songs. Todd and Amy both have songwriting credits on this album, and there are three compositions by a new favorite writer of ours, Jennie Lee Riddle. One of Jennie’s best-known songs is “Revelation Song.” We wish we could have gotten our hands on that one, but Phillips, Craig, and Dean did a pretty good job on it! LOL!!

Speaking of Jennie Lee, the first single from the album is written by her and a friend of hers named Carl Cartee. It is the title track of the album, and you can find it in the music player on the home page of the site. It is already out on radio and doing really well! We’re so glad you guys are responding to it. The message is a powerful one, and seems to really be fitting in these unsettling times we’re living through. There are so many natural disasters, uprisings in the Middle East, economic uncertainty, and a host of other ills and evils occurring in our world. It seems as if the Earth itself is groaning and crying out for our Lord’s return. Todd did an interview with Jennie Lee and Carl about the creation of this song. It’s a fun time between the recording artist and the writers. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG!

Be sure to check back each week for the next featured song! God bless!

– Allan

4 Responses to “Introducing “Hope of the Broken World””

  1. B Herring says:

    Can’t wait for mine to get here. Ordered months ago!! Know I’m going to love it and so are the folks I ordered for!!

  2. Angela Franklin Ewers says:

    Sooo excited for the new album!! Trying to get you all to Atlanta soon! Todd and Allan, please tell me you remember me from Belmont “IMAGE” days!?! Haved loved listening to you all from your beginnings. Amy is awesome, too! If you need a “fill in” while she has the baby, give me a shout. I know ALL your songs–so do my kiddos! 🙂
    Take care…and come to Georgia soon-maybe in August around women of faith??!! Talk to Stephen at GOA!!!

    Angela Franklin Ewers

  3. D Hollis says:

    Hope of the Broken World an Amazing song! Wanted to let you know this song has impacted me as no other in a long time! I am involved in outreach ministries and this song, I feel, brings the whole purpose into perfect focus. It pulls at my heart strings! Thank you for allowing the Annointing of the Lord to work through you! Can’t wait to get the whole project~ May God Richly Bless!

  4. k says:

    I heard this song on the radio and told my wife ” I heard a song and it had a portion where it said arise, arise, arise.” Few days later I heard it again, and this time, I listened to it on the radio. I had been going back to watch porn. This song stopped me from watching porn. God got my attention. I plan to meet with a friend since the Spirit of the lord has spoken to me through this song.

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