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He Brought Me Through It!

I wrote, “I Turn To You” about 10 years ago when I could only play 3 chords on guitar and that’s how I came up with the simple melody on the verse. I played the verse and what I had of the chorus for Chris Eaton, and we turned it into a song.

When I wrote this lyric, I was in a dark place, and though it has been sung many times before, it reminds me that when the future seems uncertain and I have nowhere else to turn, I can have peace knowing that I can trust Jesus. I don’t even remember what the “darkness” was, but He brought me through it.


One Response to “He Brought Me Through It!”

  1. Kathy Nill says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing talents! The song “I Turn To You” is beautiful. Our 21 year old son went home to be with the Lord 2 years ago the end of Sept. – very unexpectedly. I find that in order to get through each day, I literally have to “Turn to Him” and lift my hands to Jesus in praise. If I don’t, I struggle. I need to fully trust Him. Thank you for this song – it helps me during my time of darkness. Selah is a blessing in my life. 🙂

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