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“Be Still” or Presidential Debate?

When Luke Sheets started playing the melody for “Be Still” on guitar I instantly loved the song. By the end of the day my brother Jack, Luke, and I had a good portion of it laid out. Jack flew back home to Detroit and came back a couple months later to finish the song. Four days before he came back to Nashville, I received a phone call from The Gallup Poll. They kept asking questions about Sen. McCain and, then, Sen. Barack Obama. By the end of the call I was invited to partake with 80 other voters in the Town Hall Presidential Debate at Belmont University (my alma mater).

I was so excited, but I had one major problem. We were supposed to finish “Be Still” the same day as the debate. I did the honorable thing and told my brother I was bailing on him! Good thing I did because I made Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update,” and Jack and Luke did a great job finishing “Be Still” that day.


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