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Amy’s New Blog Post!

This was supposed to post on Monday, but I’ve been so sick this week, I didn’t have a chance to put it up. Better late than never…

Seven years ago, in a state far far away… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE…

7 Responses to “Amy’s New Blog Post!”

  1. George Long says:

    Amy hope you get well soon. Your thoughts of your mother of playing the piano reminded me of my mother. Both my parents played piano in a little country church here in WV. My mother is now 95, and my father passed away in 2006 at 91, but what a blessing are both. I still hear the piano even though it sits here at home, and see them playing,”Precious Memories”.

  2. Gloria says:

    I listen to your songs every morning and every evening as I drive from Los Angeles to Simi Valley and then back. I am singing my way through the traffic, the jams, the stalls, and I am not stressing or getting upset with the road ragers. Your harmony is like what I imagine angels to sound like.

    And regarding diets . . . diets don’t really work and are so difficult to follow. They are usually temporary and one tends to rebound. I never did diets. But I did do a lifestyle change. IT’s all about lifestyle, about total lifestyle changes which includes the body, the mind and the spirit. God bless you all.

  3. Mark Newman says:

    Thank you for playing tonight at our (Compassion) Christmas Dinner. It was a real blessing to have you perform for us.
    Thank you for all you do and your support of Compassion.
    Again, thank you and God bless your tour.

  4. Martica says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!! LOVED!! hearing you this past week in HOllywood. The 3 of you are sooooo incredibly heavenly to listen to. Thankyou! Blessings!

  5. Joel Salazar says:

    I am a minister of music in the Dallas area. We would like to do the song “Oh, Draw Me, Lord” and was wondering if I could purchase the string parts to that song anywhere if they are available? Could you please let me know. Thanks so much for your ministry.

  6. 19 mo ago my life changed drastically. I was a nurse in a level 1 trauma center and I was obese. I decided to have the bariatric surgery done after reseaching all avenues. Sadly, I was 1-5% that did not do well. In 19 months, I have been in a hospital bed(not at once)suffering aspiration pneumonia, blood infections, bowel obstruction, fungus growing in my lungs, malnutrition and absorption, major depression and so much more. Hospitals don’t have radio’s due to people stealing them and I needed my music. After the first few admissions, we got smart and always had a bag ready to go. I had the first surgery on May 19, 2009. In June, on fathers day, I had a feeding tube place. My esophagus became paralysed from vomiting 40-60 times a day(bile). Fastforwarding a bit, in September I was admitted to a different hospital, where they had doctors who ‘fixed’the botched cases. I was there for 40 days~they had to get me ‘well’ before they could try to save my life. Every night I listened to YOU~greatest hymns! And nursed would fight over who would take care of me, as my room was always soothing. Finally I was able to have the surgery that would fix me or not…but prior..I had asked for prayer..a revival of sorts, hands on, on our knees praying that my dear and Greatest Physician would guide the doctors hands and allow me to live. Nine hours of surgery later, I came to praising my Lord and Saviour. But here is the best part…non-christian friends of mine are now christians! PTL! People who took care of me always commented on my music. I gave my dad my charge card with instuctions to buy all the SELAH GREATEST HYMNS they had!…and every one who wanted one.Just enough! I continue to battle death. I have no stomach at all and a part of my small intestine is gone. I am not absorbing nutrients, have had one leg in Heaven on several occasions, yet I LIVE. God has a plan and a purpose for me, this I know. I have gone from a professional to just about poverty level and no insurance. My Family are incredable…my children..they have had to grow up fast. We still keep that bag packed and my copy of greatest hymns. I cannot afford the other CD’s now, but is does not matter. Selah and I brought people to Christ, and thats what it is all about. I love you!

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