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Visalia, CA, 05/16/10

7 Responses to “Visalia, CA, 05/16/10”

  1. Naomi says:

    SOOOOOOO anxiously awaiting this 🙂 You guys are my absolute favorite! It will take about 4 hours to get to your concert, but it will be worth it!!!!

  2. Tessie says:

    I was hoping SELAH would be coming soon to the area for a concert, and I see that they are actually coming to the city I live in mid-May (Visalia, CA). GOD IS SO GOOD! Selah has been one of my favorite, inspiring Praise & Worship groups ever since 2006. The song “You Raise Me Up” has brought me through some very tough moments in my life the past four years, and the songs continue to speak blessings into my life. Thanks for allowing God to use you, Selah, and your music to speak to so many lives!!

  3. Laura says:

    Ah!I’m so dissapointed this was going to be my 40th year birthday present. Now I have to make other plans 🙁

    • Sarah Drumheller says:

      Hey Laura, so sorry to disappoint! Todd Smith is dealing with the aftermath of the flooding here in the Nashville area so Selah cannot do the show. I do believe that the event is still happening with another artist though so you may still be able to attend. Blessings! Sarah

  4. James Thomas says:

    Oh no; was primed and ready to sing along on “You Raise Me Up,” and “Before The Throne of God Above”. But, alas, the concert has been cannceled for whatever reason. The enemy has found a way to keep God’s music away from us! God bless and keep you guys!

  5. Bob Ewert says:

    How do we find out when they’re coming back to Visalia?

    • Sarah Drumheller says:

      Hey Bob,

      We are still working to reschedule the Visalia show – it will most likely be later this Fall. As soon as the date is locked in I will post it on the TOUR page. Keep checking there for updates.


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