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Selah at Shiloh Church on 05/07/10

2 Responses to “Selah at Shiloh Church on 05/07/10”

  1. Joye Creedon says:

    do you ever come to new england? I am such a fan, because my sister in ga. turned me on to your harmonies…my son is in Teen Challenge USA, a Christian based drug rehab program that is in place across the US and the world…God has changed his life in such an extraordinary way, it has made me rediscover my spirituality and I love your music, particularly the new renditions of old hymns. I now live on Cape Cod and would drive many miles to attend a concert. Are you ( or would you) perform in the Northeast? I could speak to Teenchallenge New England if you would consider coming here. …I don’t know what you charge but the men and women of this program are so dedicated and so in need of inspiration the likes of which your music inspires…thank you for allowing me worship in my car, to your CDs, on my walks w/ the dog, and to share w/ my kids. Your sound is AMAZING. Thank you.

  2. Joye Creedon says:

    I was born/bred in Georgia, bible belt baptist, and your return to the old hymns of my youth are incredibly comforting in my time of strife…please know that through your voices you convey the deepest convictions to follow Christ, and remind me that I am not in charge, nor am I responsible for coming up with a “fix” for what ails my family…thank you for the inspired encouragement.

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