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Selah at Sheridan Hills Baptist Church on 12/19/10

2 Responses to “Selah at Sheridan Hills Baptist Church on 12/19/10”

  1. deb Johnson says:

    Dear Selah,
    I have LOVED your music ever since I heard a song by you a few years ago. I gave my sister a cd and she saw you in Maine a couple of yrs.ago and said it was the BEST concert she has ever experienced. I am planning on going to Hollywood in December. What a great Christmas gift to myself. God Bless you and your beautiful music. You must bless God SO much! You do me! Love, Deb Johnson

  2. Heith Youmgblood says:

    You have no idea how much you and the music you sing has touched me. I once served as a missionary in Russia. Just before moving there your first album was released. You your music and the stories behin each song that you chose for that album have been a blessing.
    There is so much I’d like to say and the story of my life and work is still in the making…I just don’t know where to go from here. I will be at the concert on sunday which will be the first time i’vee been in a church in 4 years…i would love to be able to speak with you …

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