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Selah at Parkview Field on 06/11/11

One Response to “Selah at Parkview Field on 06/11/11”

  1. Michelle Ringeisen says:

    If possible, could you make a stop in Kokomo for a concert while you’re in Indiana? Your music really touches my heart & soul deeply in ways that words cannot describe. The drive to Fr. Wayne, though only about an 1 1/2 hour trip, is difficult for me due to health issues.

    Selah is by far my favorite Christian group. You were in Kokomo in 2007 & I was present at that concert. I saw & felt how the Holy Spirit works & moves in you. That is what makes Selah more extraordinary than most groups- feeling God’s presence. I have several friends who would love to hear you in concert, too. So, I do hope you are able to squeeze an extra concert into your schedule!

    I listen to your music more than any other artist because it really speaks to me. And just tonight, as I was reading God’s word, several Selah songs came to mind, so I posted them to my facebook page via youtube so that I could possibly inspire & encourage others with your music & scripture.

    Even if you are not able to make a pit stop in Kokomo while you’re in Indiana, I will try to see you in Ft. Wayne. I have firbomyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, thoracic degenerative disc disease, & a host of other health issues & the pain is so excruciating at times which makes even riding in a car painful. But even though I have so many health issues, your music always uplifts & encourages me!

    As I mentioned earlier, words cannot describe how God uses you all to touch the lives of others. Keep up the good work! I know all of you have had your own trials & difficult times, but I feel God uses that to work in & through you! That is why you are able to be true ministers to those who hear your music.

    Well, I feel like I’m rambling on & on, but I wanted to let you know how your music affects me. I love the contemporary songs & especially love your arrangements of the old hymns which I do not hear very often in church anymore. And even my dogs like your music, too. I know it sounds silly, but they always calm down & relax whenever I play your music. One of my dogs has a special affinity for any of the songs you sing in the Congo language. He is completely fascinated by those songs! Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

    I’m really exhausted as I write this, so I hope it makes sense! COME TO KOKOMO, IN if you can!!! Thank you for your music & allowing God to work through you all to minister to others & for all the good work you do with Laban Ministries.

    God Bless You!
    Michelle Ringeisen

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