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Selah at New Hope Community Church on 11/23/13

8 Responses to “Selah at New Hope Community Church on 11/23/13”

  1. I’ve waite years to see your were coming to Oregon, Todd. I only hope it’s not too far from Salem, Oregon (the capitol of Oregon.)

    This is the God’s honest truth. My CD player is right at the head of my pillow and only the CD’s of Selah are played every night as I go to sleep. I never ever tire of your Hymns.

    Thanks, Todd, Alan, Nicol and all the rest of the fine singers that I’ve come to know like family.

    Bye for now….Marilyn Folsom, Dallas, Oregon

    • Paul Carter says:


      New Hope Community Church is about 1 1/2hrs from Dallas. The concert should be well worth it and supports a great cause! Hope you can make it


  2. Kevin Finck says:

    I know it’s silly, but I’ve been looking through different sites for two days trying to figure out where/how to get tickets for this. How does one get tickets??


  3. Sarah Drumheller says:

    Hi Kevin, This is a free event for the community where the admission to the event consists of a non-perishable food item for the Oregon Food Bank.
    The event highlights the concept of giving thanks while showcasing the mission of whole person care.

  4. Kevin Finck says:

    That sounds fantastic. We’ll be there to support it for sure. Do you know who is sponsoring this, or where we can get more information?

    Thank you!!

    • Paul Carter says:


      The concert is Sponsored by the Adventist Health of Portland. Its their annual celebration of Thanksgiving. Should be a good one!


  5. Heather says:

    I have a question: I was wanting to find out more information about this, but when I pressed the “more info” link it sends me to the church website, and there is nothing on the website about the concert. Will people be turned away if there isn’t enough seating? Is there anything in addition to the food items that would be needed to reserve a spot. We will be driving over two hours and don’t want to waste the time and gas. Thanks so much!

    • Sarah Drumheller says:

      Hi Heather,
      The church may not have updated this event to there website. The venue holds around two thousand people.
      Also, I just sent you an email with additional information.

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