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Selah at Grace Fellowship Church on 08/21/10

3 Responses to “Selah at Grace Fellowship Church on 08/21/10”

  1. Nicole says:

    I would like to buy about at least 5 tickets to this concert on Aug. 21st.
    I can’t find a way to do this online, could someone help me with that before it’s sold out?

  2. Leigh-Anne says:


    When they were in Frederick MD I had to do that and asked a friend to use her e-mail address to purchase the tickets. We needed 7 . With a family of 6, 4 tickets just ween’t going to do it. Perhaps a parent or friend could help you out.



  3. kim says:

    hi nicole,
    well by now i hope you have been able to purchase the tickets. you can visit click on the link above where it says buy and it will take you there. it’s going to be a wonderful concert.

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