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Ridgecrest, NC, 12/05/09

4 Responses to “Ridgecrest, NC, 12/05/09”

  1. Todd says:

    I just tried calling the venue, however, they had no information on this concert. Is it a private concert? Will tickets be available to the public? Thanks.

  2. annette naff says:

    I would like tickets for this concert. What do I need to do? Are their any special reserved seating for an additional charge?

    Thank you
    Annette NAff

  3. Todd says:

    Go to

  4. Renee Mackey says:

    We were so upset when we heard the concert had been cancelled. There was a crew from Maggie Valley, NC that had bought tickets and were going. We have waited for some time that you would be close enough for us to see yall in person. I just hope that yall are not sick and that is the reason for cancelling. Please consider coming around here so we can see you….this was one of my Christmas presents from my husband….God Bless!

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