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Colleyville, TX, 12/06/09

8 Responses to “Colleyville, TX, 12/06/09”

  1. Kelly Lawrence says:

    oh nooooo what happened to the concert in Burnet Texas???

  2. kara says:

    that’s what i was looking for too…hope to see you all in south texas soon!

  3. Jean Ann Harris says:

    Please make sure you still sing Power in the Blood for my grandaughter’s at your Christmas concert in Colleyville, Texas.

    Thanks!! Blessings to you all..
    Jean Ann

  4. Marty Cassady says:

    When will tickets go on sale? How…where can they be purchased if you don’t live in Colleyville?

  5. Kim Steck says:

    Yes, indeed….we want to see y’all down in Texas! Come on!

  6. Lisa in Oklahoma says:

    Will Angie be there?? =) (NOT that it makes a difference on if I come…just checking!)

  7. Paula says:

    Oh yes I second Jean Ann’s request. My two year old LOVES power in the blood and he requests it each time we get in the car. We would love to hear it live.

  8. Tressa says:

    AWESOME JOB!! I loved the concert, the church, and your performance!! Thank you for coming out, and I hope to see you again next year! God Bless!

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