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The HCG Diet

Hey there,

In case you didn’t know, I’ve made a major life choice recently.  I’m on a weight loss regimen that is amazing, and super crazy!  I’ve lost 16.6 pounds in 2 weeks on the HCG diet.  If you want to know more about my loss, my struggle, my heart, just CLICK HERE to visit my blog.


11 Responses to “The HCG Diet”

  1. I just cant stop reading this.??Its so cool, so full of information that I just didnt know.??Im glad to see that people are actually writing about this issue in such a smart way, showing us all different sides to it.??Youre a great blogger.??Please keep it up.??I cant wait to read whats next.

  2. Abigail says:

    Congratulations on the beginning of your journey. I had to lose some weight/gain some health a couple of years ago and did it through Curves. Though I’ll never make friends with working out, I no longer have HTN or any s/s of diabetes. Now I can sing longer and stronger than ever. Nice side effect. Take care of the temple so others may know God’s love.

  3. TK says:

    I’m not normally blogger. In fact, this is my first time. But I just wanted to tell you as a sister who’s also not a size 5, it did my heart good when I pulled up this site and saw Selah’s pictures for the first time. I think I’ll borrow the term of Mma Ramotswe of No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Fame and just say that being a “traditionally built woman” is not a curse. I am not saying that we shouldn’t take care of the Holy Spirit’s temple, but weight loss and having the perfect body shouldn’t be an idol to us either. I think society’s somehow lost that balance and we Christians have gotten caught up in they hype. So, I encourage you in your quest to achieve and maintain a healthy body and to continue to adorn yourself like you’re the Holy Spirit’s temple when you lose the weight.
    Take care girl. Nothing’s impossible–in fact, all is effortless–to our great Father Who being good gives to His beloved even in our sleep.

  4. Natasha Estep says:

    Hi. I met you recently in Ada, ok. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to see you are doing the HCG diet. I have some midwife friends who are doing the HCG diet, and the results have been amazing!! I will definately be following your amazing journey!! I wish you the BEST!

  5. judy says:

    Amy I just found your blog, are you still doing the HCG diet? If so how are you doing? I am on day 25. I have over a hundred pounds to lose. I love how your put Christ into every thing you do including this diet. I have not in cluded him in much lately. He seems so far away, yea I know he is in me, I can’t feel it any more. I wish you the best . Judy

  6. Peggy R. says:

    Hi! My husband and I have been on the HCG Diet since last Dec. He has lost 70 lbs and I have lost over 30 lbs. this diet isnt easy, but it sure gives results if you stick to it. I have tried many diets and this is the only one with lasting results. Im not saying that I am always good. It is too easy to cheat and hard to stay on the right path. Just keep your eyes on your goal – there is always a new day dawning! God Bless You in this difficult journey!

  7. Roy Friske says:

    Hi there I enjoyed your article. I feel that it is important when discussing diabetes to at least refer to natural treatments that have been shown to be effective in controlling high blood glucose. Many natural herbs can be including in a diabetics routine that will help preserve a wholesome glucose level.

  8. Carli Oehl says:

    Within the last 2 months We’ve lost 23 inches and more than 9 pounds. Maternity in December added some extra weight and i was ready to leave the excess weight.

  9. val says:

    well done to all of in the UK we havent heard of it but I ll take a look.may you all steadily progress and with faith

  10. Susan says:

    Dear Amy,
    I just listened to a live concert where you shared about your struggle with your weight and people’s comments about you, before singing “I Look to You”. It comes to me at a time of about 18 years of spiritual struggles, seeing various professionals, being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder… I have been given what feels like just about everything meaningful in the world!! And YET I still feel somewhat stuck. THANK YOU for being vulnerable enough to share your own struggles and how you turned to God in them. I, too, am trying to come to God as I am.
    Susan (not my real name)

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