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The Lord’s Prayer

Hello, everyone!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be putting up song samples on the site so you can get a “sneak peek” of the new album, which we are so excited about! We’ll also be writing some short comments about the songs. You’ll be able to read more extensive notes in the CD booklet as we have always done for every release.

“The Lord’s Prayer (Deliver Us)”  is a new musical setting composed by our longtime producer, Jason Kyle, for those beautiful words of Christ. This new melody is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait for you to hear the entire song! Jason talks about how he came to write this in the liner notes for the CD, so I won’t repeat that here. What I will tell you is that Jason is the unsung “4th member” of Selah. He will never blow his own horn, so I’ll do it for him.

Selah very well might not have existed without Jason. I had moved into an apartment back in 1996, where Jason and two other guys were already living. I knew one of the guys, Mike Post (who incidentally wrote “You Deliver Me,” the title track of this album!), but did not know Jason or the other roomate, Brandon. When Todd, Nicol, and I went to record what ended up becoming our first album “Be Still My Soul,” we had an extremely small amount of money to do it with. Jason and I had become good friends, so he offered his engineering skills to us for an EXTREMELY low price. He was doing an internship at a studio at the time, and he offered to see if the studio owner would let us record there for a discounted rate. The owner trusted and respected Jason, so he gave us an incredible price, far below what any studio would have normally charged. We recorded our little project in two weeks, and the rest is history.

I love seeing how God puts things together that you could never plan on your own! I also love making music with my friends. When Jason played this arrangement for me, I asked him “What took you so long to show us THIS? It’s beautiful!” He had actually had this song finished for quite some time, but he is so unassuming and professional that he didn’t want us to feel like he was pressuring us to record anything of his! I told him to feel free to bring us anything else of his IMMEDIATELY after he writes it, and after hearing this beauty, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Enjoy!


9 Responses to “The Lord’s Prayer”

  1. Karin Cook says:

    Hi Allan,
    Did the school that you and Steve wrote together make it on the album? He hasn’t said…

    • Karin Cook says:

      Oops…I mean:Hi Allan,
      Did the song that you and Steve wrote together make it on the album? He hasn’t said…

  2. Jill Young says:

    I have to say that while I have so many favorites on the album, this song is the one I have to listen to 3 or 4 times in a row. I’ve got it down now and can’t wait for tracks to come out. I’m not a big fan of most Lord’s Prayer songs, but this is so beautiful. A new wedding hit! 🙂

  3. Bea says:

    Hello Allan Hall.

    Thank you for your reply email showing me the way to this site. Hoping to make the Attica New York concert.

    Bless you & yours always
    Good luck!

  4. Donna Hayes says:

    I am very interested in getting the sheet music to your amazing rendition of The Lord’s Prayer. Please let me know where I could find it.

    Thanks very much for your assistance!

  5. Nino says:

    Hi there brethren, warm greetings of New Year all the way from Doha, Qatar. Just want to let you know that you guys are so amazing. Godbless you

  6. Israel Parra says:

    Jesus is great worship him!

  7. Jeanie Kostun says:

    Ah! I see you haven’t been blogging……..but I want you to know that I was just YouTube’ing Selah and watched a video for your song “Unredeemed”, (which is SO beautiful, by the way) and was made aware of the loss of your daughter. My heart aches for you and also for the loss of your nephew. Please know that prayer never ceases! I am in awe of your constant faith and it humbles me beyond words. What an inspiration! Thank you. <3

  8. Allan,

    I really enjoyed your concert today for The Quiet Hour at the Hilton Hotel. I do hope you will re-record “We You There” like I shared with you. It also needs to be played in a minor key while changing the “they” either to “we” or “I” — then you will really let those lyrics hit home.

    May the Lord bless you and yours,
    In His Service,

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